About Raintree Energy, LLC.

By acquiring relatively small interests associated with premium resources that have potential for significant additional development and long-life cash flow, bearing no operating liabilities, we can show clients how to achieve strong long term returns without the normally associated costs of Oil and Gas investing.

Our team of experts has bought thousands of valuable interests on high multiples, closing quickly and paying out lump sums with an unparalleled standard of excellence and integrity. Our Raintree Energy, LLC professionals are here to help you. Our partners and staff want to make your next royalty divestiture easy and fair. The key to our success is knowing the oil and gas industry. So if you have questions, we can help. No matter how simple or complicated your questions, we are here for you.

Raintree Energy, LLC Concept for Mineral Sellers

Raintree Energy is committed to helping provide liquidity for sellers. The owners of Raintree Energy, LLC Oil and Gas, Inc. have been helping people create liquidity in this asset class by providing a market place for the mineral owner. As leaders within the royalty acquisition and divestiture industry Raintree Energy, LLC continues to create financial vehicles to acquire minerals in this depressed commodity market, providing cash when a mineral owner needs it most.

Raintree Energy, LLC Concept for Mineral Buyers

Raintree Energy LLC is a full service company that will develop a strategy to reach clients financial goals, at the lowest costs possible, and yet providing the mineral seller the best price possible. Our services include defining a buy area where we can acquire minerals at competitive rates in the STACK or SCOOP areas of Oklahoma, the PERMIAN in Texas and the UTICA in Ohio. We will canvass all mineral owners in the defined area with letters and phone calls to achieve the purchase parameters of a client and after identifying the mineral interests, we will provide the Ownership report associated with each acquisition and file all deeds on your behalf. The Ownership report will document all of the chain of title from patent forward including all pertinent title records of ownership to the present. All Mineral deeds we file will have a warranty of title clause from seller. We provide full land, title and closing services for our clients. The old adage, buy low and sell high has never been more true. The price of Oil and Gas will rise over the next 36 months and these prices will double or triple at that time, providing an attractive exit strategy or higher income when the rig count climbs.

Why These Two Concepts Are Mutually Beneficial

By providing a single market place where sellers can create liquidity on an asset they by themselves cannot develop with buyers who want to create value by developing Oil & Gas properties, Raintree can help facilitate a satisfactory transaction where both parties win. This is done by us by creating an environment that is smooth and efficient for both sides and provides each with a successful outcome for their own financial portfolios. Our team of experts in all facets of this industry can guarantee a smooth acquisition or divestiture of the minerals for both sides.