We are an investment partnership that purchases oil and gas minerals and royalties throughout Oklahoma, Texas and Ohio.

1. Historical production performance

Based on known geological structures and known oil and gas reserves from producing wells in different pay zones, we are able to engineer a price matrix which provides the best returns for both sellers and buyers. With this knowledge, Raintree Energy is actively pursuing oil gas royalty acquisitions throughout the Oklahoma, Texas and Ohio Oil and Gas plays. Raintree typically pays between 50 to 75 times monthly income generated by your oil and gas royalties, dependent upon certain evaluation parameters, but has recently paid as much as 100 times total current monthly royalty income for properties that have additional proved undrilled locations!

2. Reservoir characteristics

After the discovery of a reservoir, a petroleum engineer will seek to build a better picture of the accumulation. In a simple textbook example of a uniform reservoir, the first stage is to conduct a seismic survey to determine the possible size of the trap. Appraisal wells can be used to determine the location of oil-water contact and with it, the height of the oil bearing sands. Often coupled with seismic data, it is possible to estimate the volume of oil bearing reservoir.

The next step is to use information from appraisal wells to estimate the porosity of the rock. The porosity, or the percentage of the total volume that contains fluids rather than solid rock, is 20-35% or less. It can give information on the actual capacity. Laboratory testing can determine the characteristics of the reservoir fluids, particularly the expansion factor of the oil, or how much the oil expands when brought from high pressure, high temperature of the reservoir to "stock tank" at the surface.

With such information, it is possible to estimate how many "stock tank" barrels of oil are located in the reservoir. Such oil is called the stock tank oil initially in place (STOIIP). As a result of studying things such as the permeability of the rock (how easily fluids can flow through the rock) and possible drive mechanisms, it is possible to estimate the recovery factor, or what proportion of oil in place can be reasonably expected to be produced. The recovery factor is commonly 30-35%, giving a value for the recoverable reserves.

The difficulty is that reservoirs are not uniform. They have variable porosities and permeability’s and may be compartmentalized, with fractures and faults breaking them up and complicating fluid flow. For this reason, computer modeling of economically viable reservoirs is often carried out. Geologists, geophysicists and reservoir engineers work together to build a model which allows simulation of the flow of fluids in the reservoir, leading to an improved estimate of reserves.

So whether it’s a small interest in gas rights worth a few thousand dollars or oil rights worth several millions, we use proper evaluation of your asset class to determine a fair price. Raintree prides itself on professional and discreet business transactions, with an imperative emphasis on doing exactly what we promise to do.

3. Commodity Pricing

When you have questions regarding oil royalty valuation, or the sale of mineral rights, natural gas royalty, mineral rights value, oil royalty interest, mineral lease, or oil gas royalties, call us today. Our professional staff strives for unparalleled service and expertise, and we are here to answer your questions.

Raintree Energy believes in the Fairness doctrine in its evaluations.

4. Concentration risk

To determine the value of an interest, we begin at looking at the specific reservoir. Since oil and gas are depleting resources, every reservoir of petroleum has a decline rate feature. We determine the decline rate of the reservoir and from that information, we can determine how many months of reserves are probably left. The number of months of reserves are indirectly proportionate to the steepness of the decline curve. Also we look at how many wells are producing and if any others will be drilled.

5. Evaluation Process

This is the easy part. If you would like a free “no obligation” evaluation and offer for your interest(s), please call us at (1-800-734-5056) and/or fax your most recent monthly check stubs from your properties to (405) 810-5810. Upon our receipt of your information, we will generate a preliminary offer for your interest as soon as possible. Raintree will pay for all costs associated with deed preparation, title review and other closing expenses. If you accept our offer, we will review your title, then you will get your funds in just a few weeks.